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  1. Rioting supporters are tear-gassed by police, leading to one of the world's worst stadium disasters.
  2. The retreat came amid fears thousands of soldiers would be encircled in Lyman, and is seen as a significant blow.
  3. The boss of Europe's biggest nuclear plant was blindfolded and led away by Russian troops, Ukraine says.
  4. Stakes are high as the far-right incumbent Jair Bolsonaro could be unseated by left-wing rival Lula.
  5. Florida residents face tough choices about whether to stay or leave in the aftermath of Hurricane Ian.
  6. Two nephews of Venezuela's first lady had been serving 18-year sentences for trafficking drugs.
  7. It was widely reported that the actor had sold his face to a deepfake company.
  8. The deadliest tally in years comes amid a big increase in Israeli military raids.
  9. The army captain who announced Friday's takeover says the ousted leader is planning a counter-attack.
  10. The tech billionaire claims the robot will change the future of physical work.
  11. The monarch and prime minister agreed the King would not attend after he sought government advice.
  12. The release is the latest twist in events surrounding the group after a dramatic breakout in Mexico.
  13. Cuba's capital lost power when Hurricane Ian hit days ago, and parts still remain in the dark.
  14. The luxury mansion was seized after Equatorial Guinea's vice-president was convicted of embezzling money.
  15. South Korean orphan Milton dreamed of making it to America, the land of his father. One day he seized his chance.
  16. Paintings by black Zimbabwean artists, recovered in storage in London, go in show at home after 70 years.
  17. Singer Jacob Lusk on the musical rebirth that saw him form the year's most talked-about new band.
  18. Girikumar Patil, who lived with two big cats in war-torn Ukraine, says he is now separated from them.
  19. Energy tops the agenda in Bulgaria's election and Russia's war and its gas play a big role.
  20. This is an attempt to divert from Russia's problems on the battlefield, says the BBC's Steve Rosenberg.
  21. Denmark and Greenland agree to investigate traumatising birth control procedures on Inuit Greenlanders.
  22. For many voters in Brazil, the election is as much about who they want to keep out as who they want in.
  23. Life is getting so hard in Tunisia that increasing numbers are ready to risk their lives to reach Europe.
  24. Their family lived on Sanibel for a century, but Hurricane Ian drove them away.
  25. Teachers in parts of recently-occupied Ukraine say they were beaten and forced to destroy textbooks.
  26. Unlike the Roe v Wade ruling in the US, Indian top court's order is being hailed as hugely progressive.
  27. A selection of powerful images from all over the globe, taken in the past seven days.
  28. Protests take place in countries outside Iran, in support of opposition to the death in custody of Kurdish woman Mahsa Amini.
  29. CEO Elon Musk says he hopes Optimus can be mass produced once refined.
  30. Lance Armstrong said he'd apologise to the man he sued for reporting on his doping