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  1. The BBC's Russia Editor reports on a catalogue of drama, bloodshed and tragedy since the war began.
  2. A court in Spain has sentenced Alves, who played for Barcelona and Brazil, to four and a half years.
  3. Moscow responds to Joe Biden's remarks about the Russian president at a California fundraiser.
  4. The case in Alabama stems from a lawsuit brought by three couples whose frozen embryos were lost at a clinic.
  5. This historic move will see John Hlophe removed as the leading judge in Western Cape province.
  6. Satellite images show damage has continued under the Taliban, according to researchers at Chicago University.
  7. The German Shepherd's attacks caused the Secret Service to change tactics for safety, documents show.
  8. Five students are said to have been wounded in an apparent knife attack in Wuppertal, western Germany.
  9. The high-ranking Catholic was arrested after a long investigation and has always denied wrongdoing.
  10. Armed groups controlling the capital for years have struck a deal to quit, after a series of deadly clashes.
  11. Eight others were wounded when three gunmen opened fire on several vehicles, Israeli police say.
  12. Tamil Nadu bans the pink sugary treat for containing a carcinogen, while others are planning to do so.
  13. The benchmark Nikkei 225 closed at 39,098.68 on Thursday, surpassing the all-time high set 34 years ago.
  14. Takeshi Ebisawa, 60, allegedly tried to traffic material he believed would go to Iran to build a nuclear bomb.
  15. Part of a bridge under construction collapses after cables snap as an arch is being hoisted into place.
  16. Two people have died while three others are missing, state media report.
  17. An agent tasked with protecting Naomi Biden fired his weapon during the incident in Washington DC.
  18. Bryce Pedicini is alleged to have handed documents to a foreign government at least seven times.
  19. Shrapnel ripped through the tents of displaced Palestinians as the Israeli military rescued two hostages.
  20. The Association of Rape Crisis Centers in Israel found "identical patterns" at 7 October attack sites.
  21. Some 130 patients remain at the raided facility with no electricity or running water, UN agency warns.
  22. The Prince of Wales says he wants to see an "end to the fighting as soon as possible" in Middle East.
  23. Indirect talks between Israel and Hamas have not brought the war to an end - and a pivotal few weeks looms.
  24. Israel's military says it hit weapons depots in response to a drone launched by Hezbollah.
  25. Brazil's president is accused by Israel of "crossing a red line" after he made the comparison in a speech.
  26. A yellow alert for areas close to the volcano is currently in place, according to local media.
  27. Lyudmila Navalnaya makes a plea to Putin to release Alexei's body after he died in an Arctic prison.
  28. Dramatic video shows the leak towering close to power lines blocking a road in College Station, Texas.
  29. Yulia Navalnaya has posted a video statement blaming the Russian president for her husband's death.
  30. The Israeli prime minister's popularity has declined among Israelis after the 7 October Hamas attacks.