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BBC News - World
BBC News
  1. Vladimir Putin is wrapping up his first visit to North Korea in more than two decades.
  2. Ada Sagi says her ordeal destroyed her belief that peace is possible between Israelis and Palestinians.
  3. Displaced people in Gaza run the risk of disease as more than 300,000 tonnes of waste piles up.
  4. Cyril Ramaphosa has been forced to share power after failing to secure a majority in last month's election.
  5. The city is also facing frequent power cuts and water shortage as temperatures stay above 45C.
  6. The blasts lit up the sky in the capital near the airport, the military HQ and a French base.
  7. The Californian firm's meteoric rise has been fuelled by its dominance of the "new gold" - AI chips.
  8. Gordon Black was sentenced for threatening to kill his girlfriend and theft, state media report.
  9. But the company's CEO defended the company and pledged that it has learned from past mistakes.
  10. Mays was renowned for a spectacular over-the-shoulder catch during the 1954 World Series.
  11. The pop star was arrested and formally charged on Tuesday morning, local officials told the BBC.
  12. The allegation from US regulators adds to the growing pressure faced by the social media firm.
  13. A group of 50 people has decided to distribute heiress Marlene Engelhorn's fortune to various charitable organisations.
  14. The charges all relate to the Hinduja family's practice of importing servants from India.
  15. The White House affirmed its military support of Israel, saying only one shipment had been paused.
  16. The attacker, who killed five at an LGBT club, agreed to a plea deal to avoid the death penalty.
  17. A large portion of US voters see immigration as a primary concern ahead of the November election.
  18. The peace prize laureate was convicted of spreading “propaganda against the system”, her lawyer says.
  19. Seoul believes the border violation was not intentional, as North Korea prepares for Putin's visit.
  20. The Peruvian-Mexican actress lent her voice to many cartoon characters during a long and illustrious career.
  21. Dozens of people were also been arrested amid the demonstrations as MPs announce the axing of some taxes.
  22. The men were attacked while on a "sunbathing break" inside a prison in São Paulo state.
  23. Fans from around the world commented to say the star had taken Punjabi music “to new heights”.
  24. Aid workers describe saving dozens of migrants from a shipwreck that left 10 dead off the Italian coast.
  25. It comes after the local and European elections, which saw the Green Party lose both of its MEP seats.
  26. The Russian fleet had been anchored just 90 miles from the US state of Florida.
  27. Ranks of soldiers and huge crowds lining the streets welcomed the Russian president to North Korea.
  28. Fans of FC Köln in Cologne love belting out a version of the classic Runrig song.
  29. Thunderstorms thrashed parts of the US state of Michigan, ahead of an anticipated heatwave this week.
  30. The man, who police say made threats with a pickaxe and an "incendiary device", was seriously injured.