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  1. Donald Trump makes his first public appearance since being shot in an assassination attempt.
  2. Republicans prepare to welcome the former president back to the stage for the first time since the attempted assassination.
  3. The junior senator from Ohio shot to fame writing about his hard upbringing and morphed from a 'never-Trumper' into a Maga champion.
  4. A graduate of Cambridge University and Yale, Usha Vance has influenced her husband JD Vance's career since they first met.
  5. Our BBC reporter is at the event, where Trump's running-mate JD Vance was confirmed.
  6. Multiple security agencies were at the Trump rally. Yet the gunman was still able to shoot unhindered.
  7. President responds to accusations from Republican politicians that he fuelled threat to Trump with rhetoric.
  8. BBC Verify examines footage, eyewitness testimony and satellite imagery showing how the attack unfolded.
  9. The former president says he was lucky to survive Saturday's attack.
  10. A man is dead and two others have been seriously hurt in an attempt to assassinate the ex-president.
  11. The 20-year-old registered Republican purchased ammunition the day of the rally, authorities say.
  12. Ramón Jesurún and his son are held on charges of battery after a brawl at Sunday's Copa América final in Miami.
  13. Police say officers responded to the incident in which several people were also injured in the capital.
  14. Fifteen people are charged with offences after disturbances described by the Irish PM as "reprehensible".
  15. Justice department says it will appeal against the decision, a major legal win for the former president.
  16. Young women tell the BBC how Kat Torres lured them to her homes in the US, where they worked for no pay.
  17. The workers were promised a better future. But they were made to work long hours and paid poorly.
  18. Pictures as Euro 2024 champions Spain return home to a royal welcome in Madrid.
  19. Co-stars remember Shannen Doherty as a "beloved" actress with "heart, courage and kindness".
  20. Israel's military says it targeted “terrorists” inside the school - the fifth hit in eight days.
  21. The cast and crew of the hit show are halfway through filming its highly anticipated final season.
  22. The 33-year-old confessed to having killed at least 42 women since 2022, police say.
  23. It is the first cave to be discovered on the Moon and could protect astronauts from radiation.
  24. Donald Trump makes his first public appearance since being shot in an assassination attempt.
  25. Ros Atkins examines the evidence about crucial warnings in the minutes before the attack on Donald Trump.
  26. The former US president and supporters around him are seen crouching after loud bangs are heard.
  27. Former US President Donald Trump was rushed off stage in Pennsylvania after an apparent assassination attempt.
  28. A man with a rifle was seen on a rooftop minutes before shots were fired at a Trump rally, a witness says.
  29. Dozens of unique animal and insect finds have helped secure protection for an unspoilt mountain forest.
  30. Unable to earn enough at home, Syrian opposition fighters are travelling via Turkey to Niger to work as mercenaries.