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  1. Kyiv hasn’t responded to the claim, the latest sign an expected Ukrainian counter-offensive may have begun.
  2. In a video posted online, the officer says he fired on a Wagner vehicle because he dislikes the group.
  3. Thousands of Ukrainians are moving back to towns close to the front line, despite the dangers.
  4. A recent inquiry heard fresh evidence that Kathleen Folbigg did not kill her four children.
  5. The "Reality Pro" headset release is among announcements expected at Apple's Worldwide Developers Conference.
  6. The British journalist was killed along with an Brazilian indigenous expert in the Amazon last year.
  7. The private aircraft later crashed in Virginia, officials say, and it is unclear what happened.
  8. The railway minister announced the decision but did not give more details.
  9. France's most famous avenue turns into an open-air classroom for a record-breaking dictation event.
  10. Other oil-producing countries also agreed to continued cuts in production to try to shore up prices.
  11. Politicians including main opposition leader Donald Tusk led crowds calling for a change of direction.
  12. Pro-democracy activists have been detained in a crackdown on marking the 1989 massacre in Beijing.
  13. Yoshikazu Higashitani, aka GaaSyy, returns to Japan months after Tokyo police issued his arrest warrant.
  14. Defence Minister Li Shangfu says Beijing is open to dialogue in his first major speech in the role.
  15. At least 275 people died in a three-train collision on Friday night in India's Balasore district.
  16. Shunned by society, Shaimaa Alhashimi built an online following by making videos about her home life.
  17. Afghanistan faces a worsening mental health crisis amid a clampdown on women's freedoms and rights.
  18. Experts say drug abuse is devastating the lives of young people in the conflict-hit region.
  19. The recent crackdown on stand-up comedy has further shrunk the space for public discussion in China.
  20. A trickle of Russians leaving became a stream after the full-scale invasion of Ukraine of 2022.
  21. The BBC's Steve Rosenberg visits Yaroslavl to find out if people there carry the Kremlin's message.
  22. Intelligence officers from Italy and Israel are among the four people who drowned on 28 May.
  23. Women in Sudan's few remaining maternity wards are having babies to the sound of gunfire.
  24. A group of Ugandan children is on the verge of glory after reaching the final of Britain's Got Talent.
  25. Russia is mounting more frequent missile and drone raids on Ukraine recently, with a focus on Kyiv.
  26. Rival protesters trade insults and then blows as a quiet LA suburb becomes a culture war battleground.
  27. The crackdown on stand-up comedy unleashed by a joke is now hurting Beijing's vibrant live music scene.
  28. The Russian leader's invasion of Ukraine has made life complicated for South Africa on several fronts.
  29. A selection of the best photos from across Africa and beyond this week.
  30. A 16th Century Italian painting looted by the Nazis has been returned to Poland from Japan.