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self pollination

The apple tree is one of the most popular and most cultivated hardy fruit trees.

The apple tree always had lots of interest during the research and development of fruit. This has led to a broad choice of rootstocks, slate shapes and species when compared to any other fruit tree.

Because I intended not to plant 2 apple trees, I have chosen the low stem self pollinator "gloster".

apple tree gloster

Apple trees start to grow and blossom between mid and end spring. The main pruning should be performed between mid till end winter, preferably when the severe frost period has passed.

winter pruning

The maintenance pruning consists of shortening the side shoots to stimulate the development of short fertile shoots.

One does not prune the most powerful end shoots because pruning these would cause a more powerful growth that takes the energy away for the fruit development.

  • Prune long side shoots back to 5 or 6 buds
  • Prune weak side shoots back to 2 or 3 buds
  • Leave short side shoots untouched
  • Prune end shoots back to a quarter or one third of the growth of the previous season

summer pruning

Only required for slate trees

freshly picked gloster applesO