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complex pollination

Plum trees (prunus) have complex pollination needs, nevertheless they have less pruning requirements compared to apples and pears.

Plum trees flower early in the year (before pears and apples) and therefore they are vulnerable to late frost.

The early buds are a delicacy for birds who can do much damage.


Plum trees are vulnerable for lots of diseases that enter the tree through the pruning wounds. That is the reason why you should never prune in winter but only mid summer.

Especially lead gloss and cancer are the main diseases for plum trees.

In case of lead gloss you should remove the infected parts and burn them!

Another disease caused by insects is plum moth. This is an insect that drills holes in the fruits and lay his eggs in it. 


Gum on the bark is harmless but indicates that the tree has stress due to illness, damage or because the tree is planted in the wrong type of soil.

Gum on a branch indicates a local infection, it is best to remove this branch.


Plum trees should be pruned as less as possible and as stated before only in mid summer.


I have 2 plum trees: queen victoria and mirabelle du nancy

queen victoria

mirabelle du nancy