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The eggplant or "aubergine" (French/Dutch) is a nightshade vegetable originating from Myanmar.

The English call "aubergine" eggplant because of the oval egg shape and because many years ago the eggplant was white.

The vegetable meat has a spongy structure.

Eggplants contain lots of fibers. These fibers help the absorbance of other nutrients in the blood.

100g eggplant contains 14% of the RDI (Recommended Dietary Intake) of fibers.

Eggplant also contains lots of antioxidants. Antioxidants protect the cell membranes against free radicals that can cause cancer.

Another advantage of the eggplant is that the eggplant can reduce an excess of iron in the body.

Eggplant is a blessing for the eyes because eggplant prevents glaucoma and convergence disorders.