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A greenhouse is very suitable to grow tomatoes.

One time I lost my entire harvest because I did not ventilate enough. I had to throw away each tomato because of fungus infection.

thai tomato species

In 2020 for the first time I tried to sow and grow Thai tomato species. Against all odds this worked very well. Especially the Thai cherry tomatoes are a delicacy. The larger species have less taste than the Belgian species but they are nicely shaped.

Point of concern: when handling young plants the Thai variaties have not much root and the stem is fragile so you must handle them with care.


Thai tomatoes

cherry tomatoes

Advice when growing tomatoes

Primordial : make sure there is enough ventilation and fresh air entering the greenhouse!

Stems and leaves of the tomato plant hate water, never spray water on top of the leaves.

Add fertilizer during the growth: you can add manure or you can buy special fertilizer for tomatoes or add a fertilizer of which there is enough potassium present in the NPP (Nitrogen-Phosphorus-Potassium) formula.

Remove armpit shoots on a regular base, those shoots are thieves that steal nutrients. 

Shorten the side stems with a pair of scissors, doing this allows for better air circulation and there will be less possibility for diseases.

Give water at the base of the plants on a regular base,  you can use partially buried plastic containers.

Guide the tomato plants to the top of your greenhouse. The commercially curled tomato-rods are not long enough but you can attach a piece of string from the top of the rod to the ridge of your greenhouse. 

 ripe tomatoes

tomatoes against spiral rod

unripe tomatoes  unripe tomatoes