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Chinese New Year

This calendar is valid from 1645 up to and including 2644

At its earliest Chinese New Year is on January,21 and at latest on February, 21

February,21 is very exceptional and only takes place in 2319

link to a printable 1000 year calendar

Attention for those who celebrate their birthday in January or February!
If your birthday is before the date that the Chinese New Year begins, you belong to the sign of the previous year.
E.g. If your birthday is on 07/02/1967 you must fill in 1966, this makes you a horse (with the corresponding elements) instead of a sheep!

Since about 300 BC. The Chinese believe in the 5 element theory: earth, water, fire, metal and wood.
Below are some characteristics of the animal sign and the associated elements.

Designation Result
Chinese New Year begins on xx/xx
this is the year of ?
YIN / YANG type ?
the fixed accompanying element is ?
the 12 year cycle element is ?

teken vast element twaalfjarig element
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Where there are humans, there are rats.
Rats can adapt quickly and have a strong urge to survive.
People born in the year of the rat are strong and can easily adapt to changing circumstances.
They are smart and hard workers.
They set themselves goals in their lives and careers and they have the indomitable urge to realize them step by step.
The cautious rats are economical and thrifty.
They live a stable and rich life which gets even better after middle age.
They are fantastic friends and partners because their cheerful and easy character makes them feel at home on
parties and other social occasions.
They are sometimes impulsive but their good self-control ensures that they do not get into trouble.

Strengths: adaptability, quick-witted, optimistic, attentive, versatile
Weaknesses: timid, stubborn, picky, little perseverance, selfish

The best jobs for rats are artist, author, doctor, teacher, engineer, architect, fashion designer and photographer.
They can perform well in the service sector, charity and finance.
In agricultural society, the mild and tough ox is man's best assistant.
People born in the year of the ox are diligent and persistent.
They tend to be slow to spring into action after a long preparation, but once everything is done they overcome all the
difficulties in accomplishing their task.
Their stunning stamina and strong sense of duty compels them to persevere and excel.
which makes them highly praised by colleagues and the boss.
They are late bloomers with a successful career and a lot of wealth in old age.
The relationship with an ox is generally pleasant but there may be a lack of romance because they are stubborn
and not being good at communicating and expressing their feelings.

Strengths: careful, calm, strongwill, go-getter, diligent, honest
Weaknesses: stubborn, overly cautious, unsocial

The best jobs for oxen are lawyer, doctor, teacher, writer, policeman, technician, politician, and office clerk.
They are good at stable jobs that require specific expertise, especially those related to building materials.
The tiger is wild, a daredevil and powerful, he is the king of the forest.
People born in the year of the tiger are endowed with natural leadership and have a dominant temperament.
High self-esteem makes them independent and antisocial.
They like high authoritarian and controlling positions.
They like to be the patron saint for the common people.
Active and ambitious, tigers stubbornly want to achieve their career goals.
Sometimes they fail because of hasty decisions, but even if there are obstacles they will never give up.
They are loyal to their friends and have a strong sense of justice, but sometimes they are impatient and like
to argue with others in a straightforward way.

Strengths: confident, courageous, steadfast, loyal, sincere, reliable
Weaknesses: arrogant, bossy, short fuse, careless

The best jobs for tigers are economist, politician, adventurer and manager.
They are suitable for working for the public service or in the catering industry, outdoor sports facilities
or the cultural sector.
Docile, tender and calm.
The rabbit is a cute animal.
People born in the year of the rabbit have a favorable character.
They are smart moderators in a family to boost the cheerful atmosphere.
They are model parents, strict but gentle and patiently ensuring a good education for their children.
Rabbits are loyal and devoted to their loved ones.
To their friends, they are kind-hearted, polite, and honest.
They have a strong sense of responsibility and professionalism in their work.
There will be no great highs or lows in the rabbit's life.
They are steadily advancing and reaching their peak in middle age.

Strengths: gentle, attentive, careful, kind, virtuous, compassionate
Weaknesses: stubborn, timid, conservative, tendency to flee reality

The best jobs for rabbits are farmer, breeder, teacher, priest, pharmacy, policeman and judge.
The professions that require a keen sense of art and care are suitable for them.
They could work in the pet industry or in a planning and design company.
The dragon is a mythical creature in Chinese culture and is attributed kinship with luck and omnipotence.
People born in the year of the dragon are ambitious dreamers, constantly looking for adventure and love in their lives.
They are super energetic and have already gathered a lot of money before their middle age.
They have a childlike enthusiasm for their dreams and goals.
Although they are brave and courageous, if they have a setback they can quickly fall back to the other extreme,
discouraged and giving up.
Strong, aggressive and with great charm they like to focus on social occasions.
However, dragons are a bit inaccessible because of their short fuse and because they are always strict and picky
compared to others.

Strengths: energetic, confident, ambitious, candid, romantic, intelligent, generous
Weaknesses: unstable, unrealistic, self-righteous, intolerant, lack of perseverance

The best jobs for dragons are writers and teachers because of their language skills.
Their sense of doing business and dealing with money makes them good bankers or lenders.
Other suitable jobs are quality inspector, pharmacist, electrician, politician and priest.
Most people think that the snake is cunning and terrible.
In Chinese culture, however, the snake is also known as a small dragon, so it contains a warm heart despite its cold appearance.
People born in the year of the snake are calm and indifferent to strangers, but passionate and lively when they are among old friends.
Snakes are idealists.
They have a strong will and clear plans to achieve their goal.
Laziness is their only obstacle.
Through good luck with opulence throughout their lives, they like to buy luxury items and spend a lot of money on clothes.
Their beautiful appearance makes them attractive but they tend to be reluctant to start a relationship
because of their suspicion.

Strengths: sociable, graceful, articulate, humorous, wise, perceptive, determined
Weaknesses: unapproachable, jealous, suspicious, cunning, inconsistent

The best jobs for snakes are artists, singers, politicians, teachers, painters, designers or psychologists.
They are good at entertainment work.
Some of them can obtain great achievements in archaeological research.
The horse is represented by fire in Chinese culture, while it is in ancient Greek mythology
related to the god of the sun (bright and fiery).
People born in the year of the horse are diligent and easy to get along with, love social activities
and have natural popularity among people.
Active, cheerful and talkative, horses make many friends.
They have a strong desire for self-expression and sometimes difficulty absorbing the ideas of others.
They are good at sports and have agile hands to learn different techniques.
Their talents and indomitable spirit enable them to perform and raise money at a very young age.
The wealth prospects for horses are favorable but there is the danger that they spend too much on luxury without being frugal.

Strengths: warm-hearted, easygoing, positive, patient, stable, independent
Weaknesses: extravagant, too outspoken, stubborn, inflexible

The best jobs for horses are adventurer, writer, architect, performer, entrepreneur, scientist, artist, politician, critic and guide.
They can perform well in art, tourism, politics or commerce.
Charity work is also suitable for them.
Like the mild and non-aggressive sheep, people born in the year of the sheep are gentle and submissive.
They are well dressed and behave gracefully in public.
Being gentle and sympathetic, they are always happy to give to charities.
With sincere and warm characters, they are generous to help friends, give them both time and money, and as a reward
there is always someone who helps and protects sheep in time.
Shy and indecisive as they are, they need strong-willed partners in their work and life.
When in favorable circumstances, they can become brilliant artists or creative pioneers,
while with adversity, they tend to be sensitive and pessimistic.
They attach importance to family and the celebration of festivals and anniversaries.

Strengths: gentle, attentive, reliable, hardworking, economical
Weaknesses: indecisive, timid, pessimistic, moody, weak will

The best jobs for sheep are painter, musician, beautician, doctor, teacher, editor, writer, cleaning assistant.
They can perform excellently in domestic services, medical, arts, education sectors.
Monkeys are close relatives of humans.
People born in the year of the monkey are smart and show exceptional intelligence in school and have later
strong skills and entrepreneurship in their careers.
They will wholeheartedly devote themselves to the work in which they are interested, while being indifferent to things
that they don't like.
Monkey men can make success in their careers, while monkey women are impressive for their elegant and stylish appearance.
They would have a happy marriage and pay a lot of attention to family, take good care of the children.
For friends, they are sincere, candid, and always ready to help.
With curiosity and love of adventure, they long for a free and easy life with continuous new discoveries.

Strengths: intelligent, enthusiastic, confident, sociable, innovative, articulate, flexible
Weaknesses: jealous, arrogant, lack of patience and perseverance, opportunistic

The best jobs for monkeys are linguist, diplomat, journalist, entertainer, businessman or businesswoman, athlete,
stockbroker, detective,lawyer and programmer.
Challenging jobs that require logic are attractive to them, while sectors that require eloquence are also good choices.
The rooster crows before dawn, so ancient Chinese thought it had a predictive ability.
Greek mythology also considered the rooster to be the messenger of god who knows the future.
People born in the year of the rooster are appropriated prediction traits.
They are far-sighted and have clear plans.
They have a promising future, but are sometimes short-tempered setting unlikely goals.
With excellent social skills, they have a keen understanding of what goes on in the minds of others.
Their warmth and friendliness makes them popular.
The rooster is keen to beatify his appearance and to be subtly dressed in colors all the time.
With great interest in travel and adventure, they are active and energetic in life and like to make jokes.

Strengths: far-sighted, ambitious, capable, quick-thinking, confident, outgoing, independent
Weaknesses: selfish, narrow-minded, impatient, critical, overconfident

The best jobs for roosters are politician, diplomat or public speaker.
Some may become influential scientists.
Some perform well in the clothing and cosmetics sector.
Other suitable jobs include designer, beautician, guide and actor/actress.
Dogs are loyal friends of man.
People born in the year of the dog are loyal and have a strong sense of justice.
They like to help others and pay less attention to their own interests.
They have a clear mind but lack expressiveness that sometimes makes them considered conservative and even stubborn.
Being pure and virtuous, they make great friends, but it can take a long time to become good friends of dogs
because they are cautious and introvert.
However, as soon as the relationship is there, they are sincere and reliable.
What they need is a peaceful life and a harmonious family.

Strengths: just, brave, loyal, responsible, reliable, smart, quick-witted
Weaknesses: impatient, conservative, stubborn, emotional

The best jobs for dogs are lawyer, judge, teacher, doctor, civil servant, programmer, advertisers or bloggers.
In addition to the traditional industries, they are more talented in the field of self-media due to their excellent
planning ability and creativity.
Chinese eat pigs but think pigs are stupid.
However pigs are smart as well as people born in pig year.
At work, they are active, careful, cold-blooded and concentrate all their attention to perform the tasks correctly.
They are lucky in wealth, enjoy luxury and enjoy a rich life.
Pigs are outgoing and cordial and have many friends.
Faced with difficulties, there would be many friends who help them.
Born innocent and romantic, they easily come to trust others, which makes them tend to fall into the trap.
When pigs lose patience, eating is the only remedy.

Strengths: cordial, sincere, honest, optimistic, generous
Weaknesses: sleepy, gullible, short-sighted, jealous

The best jobs for pigs are veterinarian, breeder, forester, teacher, civil servant, agent, doctor, professor and artist.
Agriculture and stockfarming are suitable sectors for them. The medical and art sectors are also worth a try.
Feng-shui : east, spring, windy climate, green color, rectangular shapes
Yin-organ : liver
Yang-organ : gall bladder
Astrology: planet jupiter
Appearance: benevolent, creativity, luxury, growing and flourishing
Taste: sour
Sense : seeing
Liquids : tears

Feng-shui : south, summer, hot climate, red color, angular shapes
Yin-organ : heart
Yang-organ : small intestine
Astrology : planet mars
Appearance : decent, enthusiasm and passion
Taste : bitter
Sense : taste
Liquids : sweat

Feng-shui : central, seasonal changes, wet climate, yellow color, square shapes
Yin-organ : pancreas
Yang-organ : stomach
Astrology : planet saturn
Appearance : faithful and honest, caring, stability and security
Taste : sweet
Sense : feeling
Liquids : saliva

Feng-shui : west, autumn, dry climate, white color, round shapes
Yin-organ : lungs
Yang-organ : colon
Astrology : planet venus
Appearance : just, ambition, determined, progress, perseverance
Taste : spicy
Sense : smell
Liquids : mucus

Feng-shui : north, winter, cold climate, black color, wavy shapes
Yin-organ : kidneys
Yang-organ : urine bladder
Astrology : planet mercury
Appearance : wisdom, aptitude, clarity, mentally resilient and strong
Taste : salty
Sense : hear
Liquids : urine

Connecting interactions, the generating or creative cycle:
Wood is the fuel for fire
Fire forms the earth (volcano, ash)
Earth contains metal
Metal carries water (buckets, pipes)
Water feeds wood (trees, plants)

Repulsive interactions, the controlling or destructive cycle:
Fire melts metal
Metal penetrates into wood
Wood isolates the earth
Earth absorbs water
Water extinguishes fire