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Almost all peach variants (prunus persica) are self-pollinating.

Peaches flower very early in spring and correct pruning is a vital factor for a succeeded pollination.

curled leaf disease

In a cold and wet climate like Belgium, the peach tree is sensitive to the curled leaf disease, a serious fungus disease that appears especially when conditions are wet.

To control this plague spraying with a fungicide is required but affected parts of the tree should always be removed and burned.

Repeatedly infected growth becomes infertile and dies.

peach curled leaf disease


Just like sour cherry trees, peach trees bear fruit on shoots that have grown in the previous year.

The purpose of the pruning is the removal of the old shoots and stimulating new growth.

Always prune to a pointy leaf bud and not to a spherical flower bud!

Just like for a plum tree never prune in winter but always in the middle of the summer.

peach cut in half