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Red peppers are full of vitamin C.

red peppers

From capsicum (as the red pepper is called by scientists) medicines are derived to fight a cold.

Chili peppers originally come from Central-America.

Chili peppers are called hot peppers and green or red peppers.

The Dutch POW that were in Japanese camps during WWII received each day not more than 2 bowls of rice. According stories of victims, some achieved to maintain some red chili peppers in the camp. Each day they ate some fresh hot peppers. That gave the impression that they survived the war due to the healing power of hot peppers.

Capsaicin releases endorphins in the body. It relieves pain and gives a euphoric feeling. That is why lots of people like to eat spicy food.

In the past people thought that capsaicin was the source of ulcers. This is not the truth. It is the abuse of NSAID (Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs for example diclofenac) that lead to ulcers.

10 medicine properties

  1. Capsaicin prevents sinusitis or sinus inflammations
  2. Capsaicin prevent cancer, especially cancer of the prostate
  3. Red pepper contains vitamin A and C and bioflavonoids, those keep the blood vessels elastic
  4. The need for insulin from the body decreases
  5. An enlargement of the liver that is not caused by alcohol abuse can be prevented by capsaicin
  6. Red pepper contains substance P, this is an element containing 11 amino acids and it has an important function in the central nervous system to prevent amongst others inflammations.
  7. Capsaicin prevents the irritable bowel syndrome and also the bacteria H. Pylori that causes stomach ulcers.
  8. Red pepper makes you sweat so fat is burned and one loses weight.
  9. Capsaicin in hot pepper blocks the enzyme that tenses the muscles around the blood vessels. This is an advantage for people with high blood pressure and arteriosclerosis.
  10. If in winter you put cayenne pepper in your socks you won't get cold feet.


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